GCC’s Top 10 Programming Rules

This year, I’m watching the Willow Arts Conference from afar. Tim Steven’s just posted Granger’s top 10 programming rules as told by Butch Whitmire in his conference session…

Check out these words to program by:

  1. Keep them from blinking — the audience must stay engaged.
  2. Take them white-water rafting — follow a flow, don’t change speed too fast.
  3. Live gets you two extra points — do it live when you can
  4. Great live drama helps. Good live drama, not so much — make sure it’s great.
  5. Leave your sissy pants at home — don’t be afraid to take a risk.
  6. Give your audience a string of pearls — the transitions are really important.
  7. It’s OK to have fun, laugh, and be just weird in church — nuff said.
  8. Keep it “tacky” — give people a tactile experience.
  9. Story wins every single time — without a great story, all the toys don’t matter.
  10. God often shows up in casual attire — the goal is God showing up, and that can’t always be programmed.



One Response

  1. I saw these yesterday, they are brilliant.

    We are going to talk these over next week with the creative team.

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