What to Do When the Tooth Fairy No-Shows

Alright…so yesterday my little boy lost his first tooth. After watching his big sister become independently wealthy from her tooth loss over the years, he was just a tad excited. So this morning, I go to wake him up and he starts to reach under his pillow. It’s then and only then that I realize that the Tooth Fairy pulled a no-show! Realizing my Son’s imminent heartbreak, I did the following.

**This method is a proven plan of attack should the Tooth Fairy ever no-show one of your children.**

Step 1: “Distract”“Hey Son, it’s been a long night, why don’t you go potty and then we’ll take a look under your pillow?”

Step 2: “Pilfer” – Grab the tooth and stuff it in your pocket.

Step 3: “Get an Accomplice” – While your child is going potty run down stairs, admit you’ve failed, ask your spouse to distract your child and them find some cash…FAST!

Step 4: “The Search” – While coming up with enough cash, your spouse should distract the child by saying something along the lines of; “You know, sometimes the Tooth Fairy gets confused…let’s look under your sister’s pillow and see if your money was left there by mistake.”

Step 5: “Plant the Cash” – As your child is off on a wild goose chase, place the money under his sheets and say; “Hey Son, did you look under your sheets? The Tooth Fairy does that sometimes you know…?”

Step 6: “Enjoy the Moment” – Watch the glee on your child’s face as they realize the value of one lost tooth.

Just another Monday morning in the the Henry house…


3 Responses

  1. You know, give me a couple more years and that will be Ben and I….It is amazing how we love our kids so much that we do not want to let them down even in the littlest bit. I wish that every time they get disappointed it would be that easy to come through for them. But before we know it, they will be independent making thier own decisions and we will not always be able to do that. Then it will be God who will come through for them…….
    Cherish every moment today…….(of coarse I am saying this like my children are grown and gone even though my oldest is only 4!)=)

  2. Been there. Done that.

    • I actually had a very similar experience awhile back.After sending Karissa to the potty I grabbed a bunch of change from the kitchen and frantically shoved it under her pillow.When she came back and found the change she was excited but a little puzzled. “Mommy” she said, “Why did the tooth fairy leave me a Chuck E. Cheese token? I don’t even like Chuck E. Cheese.”

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