I Miss Jack-in-the-Box

I LOVE Jack in the Box. It’s my absolute favorite fast food joint. The problem is, there isn’t one here in Bloomington. The other day I caught one of their crazy commercials and it quite honestly depressed me. SO…to lift my spirits (and amuse my readers) I’ve posted some of my favorite Jack commercials (old and new)…enjoy!

FYI, the last wrong is wrong…really, really wrong…


From This Day Forward…All Movie Trailers Will Be Lame

One of the greatest voices in entertainment history has gone silent. Don LaFontaine (the voice of the movie trailer) passed away today. You can read about it here. His famous line; “in a world where…” – will forever be a part of movie history and will be greatly missed. Check out this video…

I Want My Money back

It seems Neil Diamond (the king of the sequened shirt) did a show a while back that wasn’t so great. In fact, it was so bad, that he has decided to issue a refund to each of the concert goers. That prompted a great article on Yahoo this morning about some of the worst concerts in history…check it out here.

My Favorite Mastercard Commercial

Maybe it’s because I grew up watching classic SNL, but I can’t get enough of this Mastercard Commercial.

Coming This Fall

Heroes is back!

An Interesting Night on Idol

Yes…I admit it. I’m an American Idol fan.

What did you think of this song?