About Me

I serve as the Worship Arts and Programming Director at Sunnybrook Community Church in Sioux City Iowa. My deepest desire in ministry is to see great art and great creativity change peoples lives. Leading in such an environment is an amazing challenge and one that I am honored God has called me to.

I’ve been married to my amazing wife and best friend Christine since 1999 and together we have the joy of raising the two greatest kids in the world!


5 Responses

  1. You guys have no idea what a blessing you are to us and to the church. Not only have you been our mentors, but you have become our best friends. We love you so much. Thank you for everything you do! God has truly blessed us by putting you in our lives!

  2. You have made wonderful changes to the way we worship and view worship. There is a fresh vision and new element of creativity that really ministers to those at the church. I have been challenged to become more involved in ministry at the church and can honestly say it adds to my spiritual life. You and your family are a blessing to us all

  3. I find it interesting that your header says, “About Me” because I have admired the fact that nothing seems to be “about you” in your ministry! Thank you for that. You are always patient and fine tuning the music ministry which I appreciate. Give Him your best and He will do the rest!

    Keep it real, continue to be transparent, and we will continue to watch the Kingdom of God grow and grow up all around us! Praising Him for moving us to Vale!

  4. I’m Your and Christine ‘s biggest fan besides God… You guys are awesome men and women of God. Keep liftin the Sav ior up. Yall are wonderful ambassdors for our heavenly father, whom I know is well pleased in your good works for Him.
    Blessings Love Yall Thru Christ

  5. hello! i luv your site, and I’m glad to meet another Christian blogger! stop by mine @ http://scripture4u.wordpress.com
    Keep in the Faith!!

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