Bounce Pancakes


So there I was…day three of my vacation. I’m sitting in the living room just waiting for the pancakes to be ready. Pancakes+vacation = a great morning! Any minute and I would be partaking in breakfast time bliss!

Then it happened…there was trouble in the kitchen. I hear my Wife say; “Grandma, these don’t taste right.” – I was stunned…was my breakfast in jeopardy? “Grandma these taste like soap” – What??? This can’t be.

Suddenly, here comes Christine…“Honey, will you taste this?”, she says. Sensing my duty as a breakfast lover, I boldly took a bite, chewed on it a bit and promptly SPIT IT OUT!

The moral of the story…NEVER store your pancake mix next to the Bounce Fabric Softener.


American Airlines…No Friend to Coffee Lovers


I had originally planned on keeping a complete coffee diary during my trip to the Seattle area, but I couldn’t keep up with the consumption rate. So instead of a diary, I thought I’d tell you about the worst cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life…

There I was, 34,000 feet in the air when I see the little silver cart start heading down the aisle. I’m craving a nice cup o’ joe and that cart had what I needed. Minutes later, I sat and looked longingly at this little styrofoam cup, embossed proudly with the American Airlines logo. It’s steaming, most likely fresh and waiting to be sipped. I raised the cup, took a drink and immediately felt a shiver of distain make it’s way through my body…THIS WAS THE WORST COFFEE EVER!!!

Eventually, I worked my way through the whole cup and tried to find something positive in it’s contents…It’s then that I decided this cup would act as a “sorbet” to clear my pallet as I headed towards the coffee paradise that is Seattle.

100 M.P.H.


One thing I was really looking forward to on this vacation was a “release”…something to wipe out the fatigue and stop the wheels in my brain from spinning so quickly. I found it on the back of a Harley. Truthfully, I’m not much of a motorcycle guy… they kind of freak me out the same way a bungee jump might… but there I was on the back of my Father-in-Law’s motorcycle, wearing one of those cool retro “WWI” looking helmets…feeling the wind in my face and trying to not appear scared to death as we headed down the road.

I peaked over his shoulder and noticed we were doing about 75 M.P.H. I found myself relaxing and starting to enjoy the ride. We hit 80 and it was even better. Then we stopped, turned around and started to head back. Over the next few seconds we did 0-60 faster than I’ve ever done before…I looked over his shoulder again…70, 80, 90…100M.P.H. !!!

I found myself exhaling everything. It was one of the most exhilirating and freeing moments I’ve ever had. I had found my release. It was as if God had reached in and taken all of the stress away and replaced it with a vibrancy I hadn’t felt in quite a few months…it was a sweet ride!

Thankfully, there’s not much of a police presence in little Wapato, Washington…I’m thinking that may have ruined the moment.


Made it back from vacation this morning. What a great time of refreshing, refocusing and re-energizing. The family time was incredible and unforgettable. There’s so much to tell you about…

As soon as I weed through my 150 emails (no kidding), I’ll start posting about what God did this last week.

Signing Off For a Week

Well…it’s a wrap. I’m off on a family focused vacation that WILL NOT include my handy dandy laptop. So I’ll need to bid the “Blogosphere” adieu until I return next week. Keep commenting and posting your thoughts…I’ll catch up with you when I get back…

Pray for a Bigfoot sighting… 

Things To Do on a Plane

Ahhh yes…air travel. Here’s the top 10 things I plan on doing during my adventure through the “friendly skies”

10. Pay $5.00 so I can have one of those snack box things.

9. Continue reading Mark Batterson’s; In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day.

8. Watch “Spider Man 3” on the way there and “Shrek the Third” on the way back…at least they have decent movies this trip.

7. Have a Ginger Ale…I only crave it when I fly…Reminds me of Fresca.

6. Enjoy a bag (or 4) of complimentary pretzels.

5. Resist the urge to push the flight attendant call button in a futile attempt to be annoying.

4. Take Turner to the potty (3 maybe 4 times)

3. A little Hillsong United on the iPod.

2. Regret watching that last episode of Air Emergency on the National Geographic Channel.

1. Digging into the Word…BIG TIME!

I love to fly…and it shows!!!

T-Minus 4 Days and Counting

Vacation is almost here…I can’t wait to get on that airplane! Vacations have always been sweet, but ever since I’ve been in ministry full-time, they’ve taken on a whole different purpose. Here’s the top 10 things about vacation that I’m most exited about.

10. I’m leaving my laptop

9. Real Coffee (I think I’ve mentioned that enough now…)

8. Turner’s face when we get on the plane.

7. Being back in the great Northwest.

6. BBQ at Christine’s cousins house…yummy!

5. Grandmas cooking…and her great smile.

4. Possible Bigfoot sighting.

3. Seeing my Brother-in-Law Andy.

2. Family time with no distractions.

1. Change of pace + change of place = change of perspective!

I need all of these, but that last one is so important. I need to refresh my view of ministry life, I need to see things from a new perspective…not because the current perspective is bad, but because God can be visible from so many different angles. I need clarity, I need refining and I crave a new and energized view. I should take more of these each year!