Let’s Try This Box On For Size

So what is this preoccupation the church seems to have with “the box” anyhow? We’re “out of the box”, you’re “stuck in the box”, they’re “all boxed in”. I don’t get it. Even if you’d call yourself an “out of the box” thinker, aren’t you simply getting out of one box and moving your thought processes to another?

I say trash the box and put it in the recycle bin! All these boxes do is limit our potential. The reality is, as the church, we should be in a constant state of flux. We should always be moving forward, cutting off what doesn’t work and nurturing what does. Investing in life change and withdrawing from the “same old, same old”. Leading forward instead of focusing backward. There simply isn’t time to stop and sit in a box for any length of time.

What if Jesus were stuck in a box? Would His ministry have been different? Would things have gone differently in the garden? Would calvary have even happened? Jesus constantly challenged the religious norm and refused to be boxed in as just another Rabbi. Why should things be any different in the church?

Our communities don’t need another cookie cutter church that’s just like the other 150 churches in town. Our communities need churches that don’t give a rip about their walls. Don’t care about the way things have “always been” and are willing to forgo life in a box, for the sake of the gospel.

More thoughts on our “boxiness” later…