Top 10 Things For My New Intern to Do


This fall, I’m finally getting my first intern. Though there are certainly many relevant things I could ask him to do, I thought it would be fun to dream a bit…Here are a few thoughts:

10. Have the intern keep a constant flow of coffee coming to my desk at ALL times.

9. My car is a mess…give the intern a bucket, soap and a garbage bag.

8. Always tell me I’m having a good hair day…even when I’m wearing a hat.

7. Send the intern to our Children’s Director’s office to score me some M&M’s.

6. Be ready to prepare me a snack at a moments notice.

5. Stand up and applaud each time I have an idea during our creative team meetings.

4. Walk around with giant foam “we’re #1” finger to encourage the rest of the staff.

3. Help lead the campaign to get a decent coffee shop in Sioux City.

2. Be my “Roadie”.

1. When reviewing videos and graphics I have created, have the intern respond with the phrase; “Everything you do is art Mr. Henry…”

More than likely the tasks will be a bit more mundane than the list above, but…none the less…pray for the kid. It’s going to be an interesting Fall!


2 Responses

  1. Number 11 … Have him drive to Omaha to get the Jims some chipotle.

  2. Holy crap that is funny Jim! I especially liked #7.

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