Strange Searches

It’s crazy what kind of search words actually lead people to my blog. The last one makes perfect sense, but the others?


It’s a Blogiversary

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year of blogging already. When I launched this blog, I had no clue that it would actually lead to new friendships and ministry connections. I had no clue that anyone would actually read what I had to say. It took all of about a week for me to be hooked. I love having a forum where I can share my heart, my thoughts, my ideas and my life and actually get other people’s take on those things.

Over the year, I’ve met so many great people and formed some incredible friendships (especially with this guy and this guy). It would take a hundred links to tell you about everyone who has commented, emailed and called me over the last year because of the blog…people who have encouraged me and challenged me. I had no idea just how vital this blog would become to my ministry. It’s been a blast connecting with ALL of you and I look for to what the next year holds.

Here are a few stats from the last year…

Posts: 338

Comments: 370

Views: 13,496

Most Viewed Post: Here

My Favorite Post: Here

Blog Header Changes: 6

Random Stuff From My Reader


My beautiful Wife posted the best picture of our new dog here

Perry Noble had a great post on finishing well here.

Mark Beeson had a great post about “being the problem” here. (about time he started blogging)

Tim Stevens posted the top 10 leadership mistakes delivered by Tony Morgan at the Church Solutions Conference here.

Really liked this sermon bumper from Scott Hodge.

A big announcement from Ben Arment here.

Mark Waltz had a great post on sticking to what you do well here.

What a Great Day


One of the things I love most about blogging is all of the connections that are made. Today, Christine and I had the chance to put a face to some of those connections. We got up bright and early, drove to Joliet and spent the morning with our friends at The Church of Rockrun. It was such a blessing to spend the morning worshipping with other Christ Followers and simply soaking in the presence of God.

The people we met were wonderful, the message was spot on and the music was fantastic…Rockrun’s got it goin’ on in a BIG way! We especially loved hanging out at Red Robin after the service. If my watch was right, we were there for over 2 1/2 hours, just laughing, talking and getting to know one another.

It never ceases to amaze me how God puts people in our paths. Today, God used those people to encourage, challenge, revive and refresh my heart. It was an honor to spend the day with some great new friends.

Oh ya…the Teriyaki Chicken Burger was to die for!

Bad Blog!


The following is the conversation I just had with my blog…as if it could actually hear me.

“Bad blog! You deleted the comment I wanted to keep and kept what I wanted to delete! I’m not talking to you right now…In fact, maybe I’ll just switch to Typepad!!!”

Then again, maybe it was operator error.

Was it Influence or Just Nagging?


Well, I’m not sure if I influenced this or if it was simply the constant nagging I was dishing out, but our Youth Pastor, Ted Max has FINALLY started blogging. Check it out here.

I ask you, how can a man who can speak 350 words in a single breath not have a blog?

Guest Blogging at Willow


Our amazing Children and Family Director, Lou Ann Pence, was asked to be a guest blogger on the Willow Creek Children’s Ministry Blog. Check out what she had to say here. Great post with some wonderful practical insights into ministry…Now if I can just get her to create her own blog, we’ll really be on to something!