It’s official…my friendly neigborhood Starbucks has been spared from closure! Long live Bloomington’s caffeine fix!


The Ultimate Starbucks Commercial

Christine posted this genius video last week. Bet you can’t make it all the way through without yawning.

The “Coffee” Report


As I posted here earlier, I’ve been off of coffee for the better part of 2 months. After I lost my taste for the stuff, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. There’s just something about having a hot beverage in my hand that makes me “feel” more creative. I ended up replacing the coffee with hot apple cider (since I can’t stand tea) and it’s actually worked out fairly well. So…here’s what 2 months of a coffee free existence have done for me.

-I’ve lost 8 pounds.

-I’m singing better than I have in years.

-I’m stressing out a lot less.

-I’m saving $6.00 a day.

-My blood pressure is normal.

-I have more energy.

-I’m sleeping better.

I’m not about to preach on the benefits of not drinking coffee, but…I’m having trouble seeing how I can ever go back. A few people have said that maybe God caused me to lose my taste for Java for the very reasons listed above. At first, I kind of laughed them off, but now I’m thinking they may have been right.

The big question now is…what am I supposed to do with all these stinking Starbuck’s gift cards!!??

A Coffee Free Existence?


As I mentioned here, I’ve been a bit under the weather. Once I got over the respiratory crud, along came this “fluishy nasty” thing. Not to be overly descriptive, but I spent a fair amount of time “talking to Ralph on the big white telephone” if you get my drift. Well, I ended up getting sick on a day that I had loaded up on Starbucks and now, 3 days later, the thought of a cup of coffee makes me queasy! Why is this happening? What have I done wrong? I feel fine today. It was just a little stomach bug and now coffee is the very last thing I’m wanting to drink.

I don’t know what to do. Many of you chimed in here when I was looking for a new Starbucks drink and a few of you even suggested leaving the coffee behind for tea or hot chocolate. Well, I may have to go that direction. Health wise, this is probably a good thing, but I’m from Seattle…this is in my DNA! Coffee is as much a part of me as Mom and apple pie are to America (okay that may be pushing it a bit) – but you get the idea.

I never thought I’d say this, but unless my stomach changes its mind, I’m 5 days and counting into a coffee free existence…this is very scary!

What Should I Try Next?


Alright, so I’m having a Starbucks dilemma. I’m sick and tired of my Grande Mocha! I flirted briefly with the Cinnamon Dolce Latte, but have recently returned to my Venti Non-Fat Carmel Macchiato…Well, that’s not doing it for me either.

So I’m surrendering my coffee pallet to the blogosphere in the hopes of finding a new favorite cup o’ joe. What do ya think? Any thoughts? At least the Christmas cups are back!