It’s a Blogiversary

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year of blogging already. When I launched this blog, I had no clue that it would actually lead to new friendships and ministry connections. I had no clue that anyone would actually read what I had to say. It took all of about a week for me to be hooked. I love having a forum where I can share my heart, my thoughts, my ideas and my life and actually get other people’s take on those things.

Over the year, I’ve met so many great people and formed some incredible friendships (especially with this guy and this guy). It would take a hundred links to tell you about everyone who has commented, emailed and called me over the last year because of the blog…people who have encouraged me and challenged me. I had no idea just how vital this blog would become to my ministry. It’s been a blast connecting with ALL of you and I look for to what the next year holds.

Here are a few stats from the last year…

Posts: 338

Comments: 370

Views: 13,496

Most Viewed Post: Here

My Favorite Post: Here

Blog Header Changes: 6


3 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary Jim! I’m so glad you joined the blogosphere! I appreciate your insights, your humor and your presence in my life.


  2. Congrats dude!!! It is your fault that i blog and I Twitter..

    I like that graphic…very cool homage to St.Arbucks..the patron saint of blogging

  3. Wow – has it been a year already?

    All I can say is, life is much sweeter having you & Christine in it – even if it is miles away!

    Thanks for sharing with us.



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