My Favorite Football Day of the Year


I love NFL draft day. It’s a day of hope for my 4-12 Seahawks. There’s a ton of good scenarios that would play out well for us, but I’m really hoping to hear Roger Goodell say; “With the 4th pick in the 2009 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select, Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, USC.”

It’s time to have a plan for life after Hasselbeck.


My Favorite Sports Day of the Year

Ahhh yes…NFL Draft Day! My favorite sports day of the year. Back when I was younger (and had no life), I’d spend an entire weekend glued to the T.V., eating pizza, drinking coke, waiting to see what my Seahawks would do. This year, my awesome Wife has given me the “day off”, so I can sit back and watch the action unfold. My ‘Hawks don’t pick until late in the 1st round, but it’ll be a blast watching what everyone else does.

My pick: the Seahawks, with the 25th pick in the 1st round, will take Dustin Keller, TE from Purdue.

I’ll Take Marcus Trufant for $9 Million Alex….


That the going rate for putting the franchise tag on one of the best corners in the game. Just another piece of the yet to be completed Seahawk Superbowl puzzle.

The First Seahawk Post of the Year


Okay, okay…I know what you’re saying. We’re still in the ’07-’08 season. Well, guess what…the ’09 season just kicked off with a bang. Read the best news any Seahawk fan could read here. That’s right folks…Holmgren is back for one more year! Wheeew…train wreck avoided. GO ‘HAWKS!

The Last Seahawk Post of the Season


Well, all good things must come to an end…an ugly, bitter, wintery, blowout of an end. The bottom line, if you can’t catch the ball, your team can’t win. So, that leaves me with a decision. Who am I going to pull for to win it all? Part of me would like to see the Pats have a perfect season. I seriously can’t bare the thought of the Cowboys pulling it off (sorry Darren and Bryan). In my mind, the only team left with a shot is the Packers…so that’s the deal, I’m a temporary “Packer Backer”…I’d love to see Favre go out on top.

So, what about my beloved Seahawks? Here are my top 10 offseason ‘Hawk predictions.

10. Seneca Wallace will move to full-time Wide Receiver.

9. Shaun Alexander will either be traded or released to free up the cap space.

8. Well clean house at the tight end position and start over.

7. Bigtime O-line additions through free agency.

6. We’ll draft heavy on the O-line, Tight End and maybe grab a 3rd Quarterback.

5. Maurice Morris will start at running back, but will have some heavy competition in training camp.

4. Matt Hasselbeck will finally get healthy so he can take a shot at the MVP

3. Mike Holmgren will retire from coaching and move to the front office.

2. Jim Mora Jr. will be named Head Coach.

1. We’ll gear up to win it all next year!

That’s it…Go Packers!

The ‘Hawks!


35-14…Bring on the Packers baby!

The Big Game


Today was the big day! I took Turner to his first Seahawks game (a big win over the Rams). We did the whole “football thing”…we ate bad food, parked several city blocks away from the stadium, walked up a mountain of stairs, stepped over a dozen people each time my boy had to pee, screamed our heads off and absolutely loved every second of it! The ‘Hawks looked terrible the first half of the game…so bad that Turner needed to take a break (see picture above). Once the comeback started, he was as loud and proud as anyone else in the dome…it was great!

My favorite part was after the game ended. All these Seahawks fans (we were sitting near 30 or so) kept coming up and “high fiving” Turner. He thought he was about the coolest dude in the whole place! By the time we made our way back to the car and out of St. Louis, he was out cold. It was a great day and one that we’ll both remember for a very, very long time.