The Interactive Sermon Bumper Pt.1

For our latest series at Sunnybrook, we’re trying something new: “The Interactive Sermon Bumper”. The series is called “Crossroads” and each week we play a video showing someone with a decision to make. The catch is we’ve shot 2 different endings. How do we choose which ending to play? We let the congregation¬†decide that by applause.

We’re 4 weeks in and the response has been fantastic. So, here’s the first bumper (along with both alternate endings)¬†– The cute kid at the end is my little guy, Turner! – Enjoy


FAQ Pt.2 – “How Do We Know God Exists”?

Here’s the second video from our “FAQ” series at Sunnybrook. How Do We Know God Exists? Check it out –

FAQ Pt.1 – Do You Believe the Bible is Reliable?

We’re in the middle of a great series @ Sunnybrook called “FAQ”– We had the congregation text in questions about God, the bible, life or anything else that came to mind and are spending the next few weeks tackling some of those questions. We hit the streets of Siouxland with the first question: “Do You Believe¬†the Bible is Reliable” – Check it out…