My Favorite Football Day of the Year


I love NFL draft day. It’s a day of hope for my 4-12 Seahawks. There’s a ton of good scenarios that would play out well for us, but I’m really hoping to hear Roger Goodell say; “With the 4th pick in the 2009 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select, Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, USC.”

It’s time to have a plan for life after Hasselbeck.


A Day In The Enemy’s Camp

Yesterday was a blast, albeit a blast in the camp of the enemy. I broke the code of conduct of any blue blooded Seahawk fan and headed up to the Chicago Bears training camp with my Son and his football team. Minus a 2 1/2 hour bus ride (both ways) with 30 screaming 6 year olds, the day was wonderful. My favorite part was watching Turner try out the passing drill and nail all of the targets. Not only were the other kids blown away, so were the other coaches…and so was Dad!

Autographs were impossible, but Turner was happy just seeing the players…especially the ones on his Madden NFL game. After watching practice, I’m convinced that the Bears are heading for 6-10. Devin Hester was the lone bright spot on a pending disaster of an NFL team.

I love football, but have never coached…so helping coach these kids is a step outside of my comfort zone, but it’s been a true joy so far. Getting a chance to invest in these little guys and the other coaches is the best part of the deal. After a day of pretending to actually like the Bears, I’m back to my true blue ways…and so is my Son. Just having a day with him was worth everything.