Top 10 Things For My New Intern to Do


This fall, I’m finally getting my first intern. Though there are certainly many relevant things I could ask him to do, I thought it would be fun to dream a bit…Here are a few thoughts:

10. Have the intern keep a constant flow of coffee coming to my desk at ALL times.

9. My car is a mess…give the intern a bucket, soap and a garbage bag.

8. Always tell me I’m having a good hair day…even when I’m wearing a hat.

7. Send the intern to our Children’s Director’s office to score me some M&M’s.

6. Be ready to prepare me a snack at a moments notice.

5. Stand up and applaud each time I have an idea during our creative team meetings.

4. Walk around with giant foam “we’re #1” finger to encourage the rest of the staff.

3. Help lead the campaign to get a decent coffee shop in Sioux City.

2. Be my “Roadie”.

1. When reviewing videos and graphics I have created, have the intern respond with the phrase; “Everything you do is art Mr. Henry…”

More than likely the tasks will be a bit more mundane than the list above, but…none the less…pray for the kid. It’s going to be an interesting Fall!


10 Things I Have A Lot of Respect For


People who disagree with a ministry decision I have made and actually connect with me to talk about it.

Pastor’s who allow their creative team to create effectively by continually clarifying the vision.

Artists who know how to express themselves but also understand how to follow direction.

Leaders who say what they mean and back up what they say.

People who serve willingly with a smile on their face.

People who will give an honest critique instead of blowing smoke.

Musicians who enjoy the art of collaboration.

Creative confidence wrapped in spiritual humility

Churches that make a difference no matter the cost rather than counting the cost before trying to make a difference.

Transparency, transparency, transparency

It’s Not That I Haven’t Had Anything To Say…


Blogging has become difficult of late. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just finding the time to actually sit at my computer and do something other than design and edit. So…I shall now spew forth as much randomness as my fingers can handle.

– Next week, we install our new 21′ x 13′ center screen in the @sunnybrookcc auditorium. It’s going to take our already transforming worship environment to a whole new level.

– Speaking of next week, we launch our new “Revolution” series on the 14th. I’ve been looking for a chance to do my take on this graphic since the election.

– The 14th is also Father’s Day where I get the honor of singing a song with my little girl in all 3 Sunday services. Can’t wait!

– The 14th is ALSO…(drum roll please)…my birthday! No gifts under $50.00 please ūüôā

– The new Hillsong United album is completely off the chain. Glad this one was recorded live…it’s better that way!

– Still pondering my conference dilemma. The Dirt Conference is a definite and I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t make Innovate. Beyond that, I’m debating between some GCC workshops, Story and Echo. Suggestions?

– For you Adobe AE people out there, here are a few resources to check out if you haven’t already: Video Co-Pilot, Video Hive, Revostock …If you’re short for time and need something sharp, be sure to take a look.

– Starting in a couple weeks, all our pre-service music will be rolling directly from

– I’m excited to see our creative teams start to take shape @sunnybrookcc. We’ve added several new peeps to our tech team and there suddenly seems to be musicians coming out off the walls!

– God is amazing…’nuff said…more soon.

Now THIS is Creative…

Caught this on tonight…I love this kind of creativity!


Sara Watson, an English art student, turned a car “invisible” with a lovely trompe l’oeil paintjob:

Sara Watson, who is studying drawing at the University of Central Lancashire (Uclan), took three weeks to transform the car’s appearance.

She created the illusion in the car park outside her studio at Uclan’s Hanover Building in Preston.

The car is now being used for advertising by the local recycling firm that donated the vehicle.

The Boy Wonder In Action

My Son Turner loves Monday’s. After school, he gets to come to the church and play with some of our Jr. High kids, youth leaders and our Sr. Pastor’s son (who happens to be his hero) – Yesterday, while playing in the gym…this happened!

10 Things I Think I Think


-Twitter is great, but it has cut into my blogging.

-We will never fully grasp the depth of God’s worth this side of Heaven.

Kem Meyer’s¬†new book:¬†“Less Clutter Less Noise” is a MUST read!

-I’m finally getting my songwriting flow going again…it’s been a while.

-Making hard decisions is part of the job, but caring for hearts is even more important.

-Our office has a constantly flowing river of coffee…I think Heaven may have one too.

-The Sioux City Starbucks may have the nicest staff anywhere.

-Dreaming about the technology behind our new auditorium is a blast…keeping it within the¬†budget is work.

-Taking my Daughter to her first concert was something special.

-Sunday mornings are a blank canvas that God uses his people to paint.

10 Random Things


– Moving isn’t so bad, it’s packing all the boxes that really stinks.

-My son does a great impression of Adam Sandler’s “Opera Man” character from SNL (even though he has no idea who that is).

-This is my last week at Vale. It’s strange to sit in an office that I’m about to move out of.

-Moving to Iowa means I have to give up my cool “SEAHWK 8” Illinois license plate.

-The Govenor of Iowa is not heading to the state penetentary anytime soon.

-Do they have to test the tornado sirens during winter? I can’t concentrate!

-Since¬†many people have¬†been asking, here’s a link to our new ministry home. (more on this in an upcoming post)

-I was really pulling for the ‘Cards to win the Superbowl. I’m still bitter about the Steeler’s beating my Seahawks 3 years ago.

Kem Meyer’s new book is going to be revolutionary for many churches.

-I married my best friend…I can’t imagine doing life without her.