Knock It Off!


Are you trying to please everyone? Are you trying to create worship environments that yield absolutely NO complaints from anyone within a 100 mile radius? Are you trying to hit every style, taste,  look and sound possible week in and week out? Are you trying to avoid the dreaded comment card (that generally isn’t very complimentary) with your name on it? – Well…KNOCK IT OFF!

Ministry isn’t about keeping everyone happy all the time. It’s about striving towards the vision that God has laid out for your organization. Ministry isn’t about catering to the court of public opinion…it’s about meeting the needs of the community God has placed on your heart. Ministry isn’t about making half hearted decisions in an effort to keep people off your back, it’s about making gutsy calls and difficult choices that line up with the will of God…even if there may be “fall out” to deal with down the road.

When God called you into ministry, He NEVER promised it would be easy. He NEVER promised there wouldn’t be struggles…and He NEVER promised that everything He asks of you would be “popular” with the people you are called to serve. Ministry is a challenging and often difficult journey, that isn’t for the faint of heart. If you find yourself making decisions based on a “popularity meter”, you’re missing the whole point of what God has called you to do. The bible is filled with story after story of people who became “unpopular” for the cause of Christ…and we are certainly called to do no less when it is asked of us.


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