Who’s Your Tonto?


The Lone Ranger had Tonto… Batman had Robin. Lavern had…well you get the idea. Having a trusted companion is everything in ministry. Having a source you can be accountable to, share your heart with, be corrected by and spill your guts to is vital to staying the course. For many years I struggled in this area. Not because there were a lack of qualified “confidants” around me, but simply because I was too arrogant to enter in to this kind of relationship. Over the years, this approach failed me on more than one occasion.

Today is different. I work in an accountable staff environment, where we hold each other up and lean in to God together. I have a great friend, who I meet for breakfast every week, who’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. And thankfully, that big spiritual “chip on my shoulder” was removed the hard way by the hand of God.

If you’re in ministry (or even if you’re not), I can’t begin to stress the importance of having a trusted companion. I’ve lived both sides of this equation. We ALL need to be accountable. We ALL need someone to encourage us, challenge us and…yes…correct us when it’s needed.

Who’s your Tonto?


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