Understanding Passion


If there’s one thing ministries need more of it’s passion. Passion for their calling, passion for their art, passion for their people and passion for God. Try to lead towards a vision without passion. Try to invest in relationships without passion. Try to seek God without passion. I’m telling you…it can’t be done. Without passion, we end up relying on our own abilities to make things happen, which eventually leaves us falling short.

Granted, passion isn’t something you wake up and decide to have. True passion is found when we dive into God’s story and play the part He has chosen for us. True passion is found when we walk down the center of His will and calling on our lives. True passion is found when we lose ourselves in the pursuit of God. If you’ve lost your passion for ministry (or if you’ve never had much of it to begin with), it’s time for a perspective change. I can almost guarantee if you’re not passionate in your ministry, then your ministry has become about you. I’ve been here before, more times than I care to admit. We get tired, run down and frustrated. It’s in those moments that we begin to shift our focus off our calling and on to the miserable state we find ourselves in. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

The key is to dive in even harder. Allow your frustration to be leveraged into action. Allow your tiredness to be leveraged into a deeper time with God. Take your eyes off of you and allow them to catch a glimpse of what it is God is asking of you.

There…you will find passion!


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