The Fun Part of Vision


This is a great time at Sunnybrook. A time where vision is put to paper and ideas are transformed into action. I had a blast this morning sitting in a meeting with our architect and envisioning our new auditorium. There was something about seeing the plans go from the talking stage to actually being on paper that I found moving. So often, vision is talked to death. We meet, process, re-process, meet some more and eventually forget what it was that we were trying to accomplish in the first place.

What I love even more is knowing we will continue to move forward. This won’t be a concept on a piece of paper for long. The fun part of vision is seeing it sprout legs and start to move. It’s easy to be all talk when it comes to accomplishing things as the church. The more difficult work is stepping out and trusting God to work out the details.

I guess Jesus could have been all talk…but where would that have left us?


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