The Right Pace


So much of ministry is about pace, especially when it comes to any kind of transition. The desire to implement at the speed of light can bring disaster, while moving to slow can cause momentum loss. The reality is, without a clear vision, determining the right pace for moving forward is impossible. Anything from a new children’s curriculum to a new worship style becomes a battle when the vision is fuzzy.

Here at Sunnybrook, there is a clear, God sized vision…but that doesn’t mean we are transition free. We are always moving forward, changing here, tweaking there, all in an effort to fulfill the vision God has laid out for us. We are always in transition.

In this environment, understanding that some changes require patience is vital. There are many things we will be implementing in the coming weeks, while there are many other things that could be done tomorrow, but ultimately need to wait. The pace of change is important. God has a “long-term” vision for His church, not a “get it all done by tomorrow” vision. Leaning into God, listening to His leading and having your hand on the pulse of your community and congregation will ultimately help you set the right pace.


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