Star Trek and the Church


I’m coming to realize many churches can be compared to a character from the original Star Trek. Tell me if any of these sound familiar…

The Captain Kirk Church: This church looks good, but just like William Shatner’s acting, they just…keep…pausing…for…no…apparent…reason.

The Mr. Spock Church: This church tends to think deeply, but in the end, if it doesn’t seem logical, they won’t dare take a leap of faith.

The Scotty Church: This church is the problem solving church. They have a program for every occasion and a solution for every issue.

The Dr. McKoy Church: This church means well and truly wants to heal hearts, but they’re so busy being crabby and bitter that no one really likes being around them.

The Uhura Church: This church usually plays a small part in the grand scheme of things. They spend so much time sitting in the background, most people forget they’re even there.

The Chekov Church: This church has all the skill and know how in the world, but they communicate with such a heavy accent, they become difficult to understand.

The Sulu Church: This church knows how to get where it’s going, but can’t can’t go anywhere until the captain (i.e. 3 committee’s, a sub-committee and all 15 elders) give it the okay.

Just a thought…


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  1. Brilliant analogy!

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