In life and ministry, everything is about movement. It’s about the pursuit of God…the thrill of chasing after Him with all we are. It’s about forward motion and momentum. We’ve all seen it. People, churches and ministries that are thriving, changing lives and changing perspectives one day and fading into spiritual obscurity the next.

I’ve been there more than once in my life. Flying at the face of God in the morning and crashing and burning by night fall. How does this happen? How can we so easily go from thriving in victory to wallowing in the muck of life?The obvious answer is that we’re all flawed and broken creatures, but what’s the deeper cause of our motion becoming motionlessness?

I believe the answer is found in our joy. Life gets heavy. Circumstances get difficult, people become obnoxious and we quite simply lose the joy of the pursuit. Chasing after God becomes secondary to fighting fires and dealing with personalities. It’s hard to find joy or even keep pursuing when we’re so weary from life.

But there’s a reason the Apostle Paul said to “rejoice always”. The truth is, God is bigger than the circumstances, personalities and fires that seek to steal our purpose. He is bigger than anything that tries to stop our momentum.

Everything really is about movement…and it’s through Christ that we get to keep that momentum on our side.


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