Unpacking on Many Levels


I hate unpacking. I really do. It doesn’t matter how well labeled your moving boxes are, it’s just no fun. This week has been filled with unpacking on many levels. Not only have we been unpacking our belongings, we’ve had to begin unpacking a different life. New schools for the kids, a job interview for Christine and the first week in the Sunnybrook office for me. What’s interesting, is as you begin to unpack, old things can become new. The old picture that hung on the same wall for 2 1/2 years takes on a new look when moved to a new home. The ministry philosophy you had in one place has a different impact when unpacked in new surroundings. The life that you lived just a couple short weeks ago, has many different facets when unpacked in its new environment.

I think that’s how it is with our life as Christ Followers. Sometimes we get bogged down with the same old things. We know God is amazing, we know Jesus has changed our lives, but it’s been so long since we’ve moved that we haven’t unpacked anything in regards to our faith in years. If we can stop, just for a moment, and unpack the things of God…our lives can become renewed like an old picture on a new wall. Our perspective, our walk and our existence in Christ can be ever changing, if we’ll simply unpack the deeper things of God.

Maybe unpacking isn’t so bad after all.


3 Responses

  1. Great thoughts Jim. I am continuing to pray with you in your transition. Bloomington doesn’t feel the same without you.

  2. Great thoughts Jim…..our faith is certainly never meant to stay in the box!

  3. My husband and I will go through this process in about 8 months… After he finishes seminary. We’re currently on the job hunt. hunting hunting hunting….
    And we don’t know where we’ll “unpack” next or what will be waiting for us there. Hopefully God’s hand will carry us the whole way.

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