Less Clutter, Less Noise Review


I just wrapped up the final 5 chapters of Kem Meyer’s “Less Clutter, Less Noise” manuscript and the one word that keeps coming to mind is…POWERFUL!

If you’re a church that struggles with effective communication (internally or externally) this book is for you. If you’re finding it difficult to transform how you communicate as an organization, this book is for you. If you’re a frustrated communications director about to give up on the whole process, this book is for you!

Kem does a great job of tackling the “communication monster” and laying out practical ways to create a functioning communicative environment in any church, with any staff and any budget. Even if you’ve never given much thought to how you communicate (i.e print, web, word of mouth etc…) I would encourage to grab this book when it’s published. It’s a true perspective changer!


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