A Thought on Vision


I’m noticing that there is a clear connection between your vision and your reliance on God. Just because you believe God is everything He says He is and that He can accomplish things beyond human comprehension, doesn’t mean that you automatically have a BIG vision. The “x factor” in vision casting is the amount of humanity you inject into the “visioneering” process. If I’m casting vision for a ministry through the lense of my humanity, then that vision is going to be limited by my human understanding of the things of God. However, if I cast vision in light of who God is…then suddenly that vision can become limitless.

Think about it…name one dynamic, growing, life changing church with a small vision? Can’t think of any can you? That’s because it takes a dynamic, leaning into God vision to have that kind of church. I think this is where we tend to get in the way of God. It’s hard to function away from our human understanding for any great length of time. It’s almost like being a fish out of water. We get comfortable in our own skin and forget that we have the very Spirit of God dwelling within us and trying desperately to pull us towards the things of God.

A big vision is an essential part of ministry and that vision begins to take shape the moment we lean away from our own understanding and lean into God.


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