Time For a Getaway


In a few days, the love of my life turns the big “Four-Ohhh”. To celebrate, we’re taking a break from all the insanity that’s been surrounding our search for a new ministry home and heading out of town together for 3 days. To say this is a much needed trip would be an enormous understatement. This is very much a season of faith stretching in our lives and to be honest…it’s been a bit exhausting for both of us. A few days to decompress and focus on one another will be a welcome change of pace. So Thursday, we’ll catch the train up to Chicago, stay at a really nice hotel, see a couple shows, eat some great food and do some Michigan Avenue shopping. More importantly, we’ll be able to be alone together, away from everything and free to simply take a breath and get some rest.

I say it a lot on this blog…I married up. But lately, I’ve come to realize just how far up I married. I don’t always get it right and I know I’m far from being the kind of Husband God has designed me to be. But for some reason, God chose to bless my life with someone incredible and I can’t wait to get away and spend some time with the gift God gave me.


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