Back to Basics


I’m part of what many call the “new worship” revolution. You know, the age of creating the “environment”, augmenting your sound with click tracks, animated lights, 5 screens, gobo’s, hazers, in-ear monitors and a partridge in a pear tree. Some people say it’s all “flash” or all for show, but I believe it’s all relevant and an incredible way to engage our culture and lead them towards the throne of God.

Tonight however, I had the opportunity to get back to basics. Because of our Christmas production, our midweek worship was relocated to the upstairs youth room. Granted, our youth room is a youth pastor’s dream, but tonight we ran the bare minimum. 1 acoustic, 3 singers and a percussion player. No clicks, no motion lighting, no “flash”. Just a stripped down, low-key time of worship. I found myself lost in the simplicity of the moment. Intimacy with God was tangible and real. In the smaller venue, I could hear each voice and see each expression lifted to God.

Now understand…I’m not about to pack away all the gear and go back to the campfire age…but it was nice for a moment, to connect with God in a simple and personal way.


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