10 Things I Learned On My Trip To Granger


I had a great time last Thursday and Friday as I had a chance to head up to Granger Community Church and spend some time with Rob Wegner and Butch Whitmire. Here are the top 10 things (some profound and some not)I learned on my trip to GCC.

10. Rob has some serious “Rockband” giftedness. He destroyed me!

9. As a staff, we need to work with our Sr. Pastor and not around him (even when there’s disagreement)…this is God’s design.

8. The big screen is just as ominous from behind as it is from the front.

7. Great leaders have great people around them. Butch and Rob both have amazing teams.

6. Building a great church is a process that is often difficult and even painful.

5. Rob can throw down some pizza.

4. Butch can throw down some soup.

3. Even big churches struggle to fund vision.

2. Rob and I drive the same car…his is just 10 years newer.

1. Investing in people is a passion of mine…both of these guys are living examples of how to do that.

It was a great trip and well worth the 7 hours on the road…I’m currently in Rockband training and will be asking Rob for a rematch in the near future…count on it!


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