We all have scars. Left over reminders of past wounds. Many of us have scars from childhood, while some us have scars from past relationships. Most of us carry scars from a hateful word or a hateful action, while others have scars from being the source of those things. For me, if I think about it, I’m pretty scared up. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have grace for those who haveĀ caused these wounds, but I still see the reminder of those moments. Sometimes my scars are painful…almost like I’m reliving the past. Yet, other times, my scars bring joy as they remind me of a healed relationship and the grace of God.

We all have scars, but I think the key is found in what we do with them. Will they be a source of encouragement for others? Will they be a reminder of God’s intervention in our lives? Or, will they be a constant source of pain…and a reminder of old hurts?

Jesus had scars too. I wonder what they reminded him of. The pain and suffering of the cross? The agony of being forsaken? Death? – Or, did they remind him of us…the ones He loved so dearly.

We all have scars…that’s just a fact of life. But, just like Jesus, I believe they can be a tangible example of the goodness and grace of God in our lives. More importantly, when that happens, the impact goes beyond us and begins to reach those around us. That, in itself, makes the process of being wounded more than worth it…

I think Jesus felt the same way.

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