I remember where I was when Ronald Reagan was shot. I remember where I was when the Challenger exploded. I remember where I was on 9/11…and I will always remember where I was when presidential history was made. Regardless of who you voted for yesterday, something special happened this election. The racial division and bigotry that so often polarizes this country and saddens the heart of God has, if only for a moment, given way to a truly historical event.

It shows that this nation has come a long way since the days of Martin Luther King, segregation and race riots. It shows that people can change. It shows that hearts and perspectives can be transformed. I was watching Barack Obama’s speech last night and was struck by the incredible diversity in the crowd. It was the kind of diversity and unity that so many historical figures have spoken about, prayed for, and hoped one day to see. For me, last night wasn’t about partisan politics…it wasn’t about which states went red and which ones went blue…it was about history. It was about a moment that none of us, regardless of your political preference, will soon forget.

In the end, history itself will tell us if the right man was elected. Only time will tell if the unity we saw in Grant Park last night was a glimpse of what’s to come…and only God knows what kind of leader will be sworn in early next year. 

Regardless, this was history…and it was inspiring to watch it unfold.


2 Responses

  1. Wonderfully put. We may not agree with the politics but I want to be like Jesus and love all regardless of race. Praise God that he made us all wonderfully unique! He is amazing.

  2. Thanks, bro… I appreciate the post…. very well put. 😉


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