Managing Personalities

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to deal with an incredibly eclectic group of personalities. On one side you have the “artists”…People who tend to be creative, emotional, passionate and yes…at times, irrational. Then you have the “techies”…People who tend to be analytical, detail oriented, task driven and yes…at times, irrational.

It gets even more interesting when you realize the number of “sub-groups” that exist within each of these groups of people. It sounds like it should be a giant pain in the tail, but the truth is…I love it! I love that God has created so many different personalities. I love that artists are like finger prints…no two are quite alike. I love that 10 different techies will come up with 10 different solutions to a simple problem. But most of all, I love taking 2 groups of people that have so little in common in regards to their personalities and helping them find a common ground in ministry.

These days, it’s difficult to have a successful arts ministry without finding that common ground. You can take a great music team and amplify each song with the backing of a great tech team. You can take a great video and make it greater by supporting it with a great piece of music. You can create that “wow moment” each weekend when you have people working together for a common cause. Isn’t this the way God designed it in the first place? Isn’t it true that the church is stronger when we are one? Isn’t it true that we all have one undeniable piece of common ground found in Jesus?

It’s no different in creative ministry. God designed different personalities, different gifts and different callings, for the sole purpose of leading people to experience God on a deeper level. The key to managing it all is found in our Christ centered common ground. We don’t always have to agree…in fact, I find that we come up with a better end product when we have healthy debate in the creative process…but none of us can deny that Jesus is the focus of it all. Keep Him in the center and you’ll find that managing it all becomes a true joy.


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