So today was the day we began clearing out years of sets, props and other stored items from underneath our stage. Not a day I’ve been looking forward to, but one that was necessary. In order to get started, we had to remove the stairs and place them on top of the stage. No problem…or so I thought.

I’m in my office on the phone when I hear a timid knock on my door. I open it and there it was…one of my guitars…broken in two at the headstock. It seems that one of our guys was moving a piece of the stairs to the backstage area when he lost his grip. The stairs fell onto my guitar stand, knocking 2 of my 3 guitars to the ground and snapping my backup acoustic like a twig.

Now the good news. It was only my backup (kind of the red-headed stepchild of my guitar collection). I’ve actually been thinking about unloading it for a while now. I rarely play it and have been eye balling several other options. So, after the initial shock, I’ve been able to find the hidden bonus in this whole incident.

Nothing but grace here… Jimmy’s getting a new axe!


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  1. One of our guitarists had this happen to him back in the Spring… i’m gonna send this to him to remind him of his misery. 😉 And God’s grace! 🙂

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