The Valediction

I was thinking today about the valediction…You know, the little blurb you type right before your name when you send an email. There are a million different “spiritual” sounding valedictions out there. “At His Feet”, “His Servant and Yours”, “For His Glory”, “Love in Christ” etc, etc, etc.

For me, I’ve always kept it simple by saying “His”. It’s short, to the point and says what I want without being overly dramatic or drawn out. But here’s a thought…do I actually live up to my valediction? Do any of us? If I say “His”, is that true of every aspect of my life? If I say “Love in Christ”, am I saying it to someone I’m not particularly fond of?

I think the struggle for many of us as Christ Followers is actually living up to what we say. It’s way deeper than a simple valediction…it’s about our lives being a reflection of our verbiage. I guess if I was being truly authentic, I would have a valediction that said,“Struggling Just Like You” or “In Need of Grace” or “Trying to be Christlike”.

What we say gains authority when our words are wrapped in authenticity. Just a thought…


One Response

  1. Great thoughts.

    In need of great validation,


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