My ONLY Political Post of the Year

I’ve always been fascinated by politics. I remember watching the TV when I was a kid and finding out that Jimmy Carter had been elected President (yes…I’m that old) – I remember being interested in the political process even at that young of an age. There’s an interesting debate brewing this year, that once again has me fascinated. The big question I’ve been hearing discussed over and over is: As a Christ Follower, is my vote already decided for me? In other words, does a politicians stand on some key issues automatically require me, as a Christ Follower, to vote for Him?

For example, if one candidate is pro-life and another is pro-choice, do I need to vote for the pro-life candidate even if I don’t agree with his position on other issues? If one candidate is for teaching creationism in schools and another is against it, do I vote for the first candidate even if his economic values don’t line up with mine?

In the end, I’m not sure there is a right answer. I think it comes down to each of us making a prayerful decision and taking the time to actually vote. God has a plan for whoever wins…my prayer is that whoever that is will find a clear path towards following that plan.

I learned early on to guard my political views in light of what I do for a living. The last thing I want is to use my ministry to campaign for anybody…I think that’s very dangerous ground. But, I do believe that I can use my ministry to encourage people to pray, vote and work hard to be part of the solution for our country. We all know that the local church is the key to solving so many of these issues. In this election, our first steps as the church, should be to simply pray and vote.

This concludes my ONLY political post of the year!


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  1. I laugh when people call me a single issue voter. Truth be told, most people are. Aren’t we being told it’s all about the economy right now? Sounds single issue to me.

    My voting priority list is derived from a list proposed by Mr. Jefferson:

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    While he may not have intended it this way (though I believe he did), they are written in a logical order. You cannot have #3 without 2 and 1, and you cannot have 2 without 1.

    Life is fundamental.

    Then issues of Liberty.

    Then finally the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Modern Americans go for #3 first, almost to the exclusion of 1 and 2.

    Most politicians play to #3 almost exclusively in their campaigns.

    No wonder we are in a mess!

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