Taking Inventory

Before I was in ministry full-time, I was in inventory control. It wasn’t always the most glamorous job on the planet, but it paid the bills and provided for my family. Every year, we would have a giant inventory count. Everyone would work overtime, grab a scanner and count everything twice. This was a huge task…especially considering the size of the inventory we were counting. But, what I remember most was the pressure for the counts to match what our system said we had in stock.

You see, my job was to do all the little things necessary to ensure those counts came out right…if they didn’t, it meant that I hadn’t done my job very well. Now, after nearly 3 years of full-time ministry, I’m realizing that those skills I used in the warehouse still apply today. If a team came in and took a scanner to my life inventory, would it all add up? Would there be a balance between my family time and my ministry time? Would they find a balance between doing my job and ministering to people? Would they find that my actions balanced with my purpose? Would they find that I was living up to the calling God has placed on my life?

In the end, just like my warehouse days, I find myself feeling some pressure. Because, let’s be honest, the balance I mentioned above is very difficult to accomplish. I want my family to have the best of me. I want my team and my church to be cared for. I want my actions to reflect my purpose…and I want desperatley to live up to the call God has on my life. The key isn’t found in the big inventory…the key is found in all the little things. The extra time spent tucking your kids in at night. Helping your daughter with 4th grade math (even if you don’t understand it), coaching your Son’s football team even though you can’t imagine fitting it into your schedule. Cooking your Wife breakfast (even if you really only know how to make one thing). Taking a team member to lunch. Remembering a birthday or sending an encouraging email. Taking time to have a conversation after church even though you really just want a cup of coffee and a nap. Digging into the Word…even though you have 2 meetings to prep for.

If we can somehow remember those small things, our overall life inventory will line up every time.


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