10 Random Things

– I fell asleep during the last debate…that’s a statement in itself.

-My Seahawks are finished. There…I said it. No life support, no maybe’s…finished I say!

-My Son had a monster first football season. Nearly 500 yards rushing and 6 TD’s in 7 games!

-If you’re a designer and haven’t checked out the church marketing lab on Flickr, you really need to take a look. It was a huge help in working through our Christmas series design.

-Started re-reading the “Unquenchable Worshipper” by Matt Redman. This book never gets old.

-Starting to work through which conferences I’d like to attend in 2009. Innovate is a must, but the rest is up in the air…I’m open to suggestions!

-Speaking of 2009, I just turned in my budget proposal for the year. Definitely focusing on some different things next year.

-No…I don’t feel bad for the Cubs. Not when my Mariner’s finished with the worst record in baseball!

-Auditioning my 2nd new bass player in 3 weeks. It’s amazing how God provides people just when we need them.

-It’s October and I still have 10 vacation days. I think it’s time to cash in!


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