Live At Innovate Pt.7

Rob Wegner: “Missional Moves”

-“God is good” is the hardest thing for the oppressed people of the world to believe.

-25,000 children will die today.

-What is God’s plan to make it believable that He is good? We are…the local church.

-God has no other plan!

-What is the gospel that Jesus preached?

-It is NOT how you get out of trouble with God.

Mark 1:14-15: The gospel wan an announcement about the Kingdom of God…a news cast to the Roman people.

-Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God over 100 times in scripture.

-It is the essential world view of Jesus.

Acts 1:3: Jesus appeared after His resurection and spoke again about the Kingdom of God.

-The average Christian will say the Kingdom of God is Heaven or their heart. Neither is incorrect, but each is incomplete.

-The Kingdom of God is the place where the light of Heaven breaks through to earth…right here, right now!

-It starts in our hearts, but needs to spill out unto the earth.

-The Kingdom of God and vision of Jesus is so expansive.

-Mission Move #1: Move from saved souls to saved whole

-Verbal proclamation: Sharing the gospel.

-Demonstration proclamation: Where we begin to act on and meet the needs of the community. (demonstrating the gospel)

-Mission Move #2: From flashlight to laser focus.

-Are churches confusing the great commission with great commotion?

Acts 1:8

-4 spheres of influence: Local Access, Domestic Access, Cross Cultural Access, International Access

-Sphere of prominence: Where God is moving.

-Narrowing the focus dramatically increases impact.

-Narrowing the focus dramatically increases shared focus and ownership.

-Mission Move #3: From professionals to full participation.

-Most churches are not mobilized. Missional activity is outsources to the “professionals” and taken out of the hands of the church called to do the work.

-Obstacles: Fear and Busyness

-Missional moves are about us becoming dangerous. The church in its finest hour when evil begins to tremble…proclaiming that our God reigns!


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