Live At Innovate Pt.6

What an incredible first day at Innovate! Being here with 15 members of my creative team has made this experience all the more amazing. As always, GCC is on their “A” game! Here are a few personal highlights from the day…

-Watching my team come out of various sessions and breakouts inspired has made this whole trip worth it. Rob asked me this morning what I hoped to get out of Innovate and my response was “team inspiration”…so far, mission accomplished!

-If you know me, you know I’m a big Butch Whitmire admirer. This guy sets the standard for those of us who run creative arts ministries. He’s always made himself available for me and getting some time with him this afternoon was a true blessing.

-After a year of connecting through the blogosphere and via email, it was great to finally meet Rob Wegner face to face. Rob is hands down my favorite teacher and I can’t wait to hear him bring it tomorrow morning. Not to mention…he once sported a truly great mullet!

-Definitely an honor to meet Raj this morning. What an incredible example of the power of God at work!

-Same goes for DC Curry. DC is one of my favorite bloggers and a man with a true heart for people. Not to mention, he hit it out of the park in several stage appearances today.

-Today was the first time I had the chance to hear Shawn Wood speak…the man has some mad teaching gifts…definitely going to watch that one again online.

Lindsay Wasik is the glue of this whole deal…It’s always great to see a good friend!

-A huge highlight was getting to spend some time with my good friend D-PLUM. Really enjoyed having him join with me and some of my team in the Cafe’ for the 2nd session.

-Can’t wait for Kem Meyer’s breakout on social networking tomorrow. Does anyone grasp this topic better than Kem? I think not!

Anyhow…off to bed I go. Back live at Innovate in the morning.


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