Live At Innovate Pt. 8 “Innovate Impact”

-An organization is a reflection of its leadership

-Willingness to “get naked”

-The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is the pain you’re unwilling to endure.

-If an organization is the reflection of its leadership, how critical is it that the leadership is self aware?

-Self awareness is the platform which God begins to work with us on.

-A team environment that allows for that self awareness is critical.

-Craig Groeshel has always has always invited the ability for others to speak into his life. Real, vulnerable.

-Your organization is a reflection of the leadership.

-Be willing to do anything short of sin to reach the lost.

-Come to a place of understanding so that the skills that attract, don’t begin to attack.

-Teams that are formed around each persons unique personalities.

-Your development process begins with then hiring process.

-We process what we see through a filter of who we are.

-Willingness to be vulnerable as leaders with your team.

-What decisions are you unwilling to make, that might be painful, but you know is the right decision?

-Our capacity as leaders will be found at our ability to endure pain.


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