Live At Innovate Pt. 8

Kem Meyer: Social Networking Breakout

I had a blast in this breakout session. It was a great chance for questions, stories and sharing. Kem is amazing on this topic and made a crystal clear argument for the necessity of Social networking tools in family and church life. Way to go Kem!

-Social networking helps us develop relational collateral.

-Social networking is a way to give back and share insight.

-Tools like Twitter and Facebook provide incredible opportunities for ministry connection.

-Twitter can be used as an instant focus group.

-Texting is a creative way to stay connected with your kids (speaking their language)

-Consider your audience in regards to blogging. Post according to your main target, but keep in mind the others who may be reading your post.

-Twitter can keep a staff connected and give insight into people that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


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  1. You are TOO kind.

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