Live From Innovate Pt.2

Finally…we’re live at Innovate.

-Started the morning with a really creative dance routine…really nicely done!

-As always, the worship was tight…great band and a great atmosphere.

-Had a chance to meet up with Rob Wegner for a while this morning. It was great to finally meet in person after a year of communicating through email and blogs.

Mark Beeson just took the stage…off we go:

-Wouldn’t it be great if we could practice relating to one another as the church so that when we return home, we can put it into action.

-Beeson new he was called into the ministry in the 6th grade…wow.

-The church can talk too much and do too little. There’s a place for talking and a time to engage and put into motion a plan and take action.

-Realize there is a real need in the world. The church has disengaged that need.

-The church is removed from the realization that people are suffering from poverty of the spirit, soul and mind.

-Time to stop talking and start doing!

-I’m just me and I need God to be God.

-There’s a lot of people driving through life pedal to the medal with no idea that if they don’t change their course, they’re going to crash…and it’s going to hurt…bad.

-People are going through life without a sence of clarity, vision and purpose.

-That truth should cause us to fire up a bit.

-To stop talking and start doing somehting to help.

-Just do something to make a difference.

-Balance is static…you can’t move/make progress if you don’t lean.

-If you want to make progress in your life, you need to lean into Christ.

Ecc. 4:9-10

-If you want “safety”…don’t lean into anything.

-Anytime you lean in, you may stumble…that’s why we need to do this together.

-We’ve got to get clear on the message and make some progress in this world. There is no one else who can do what God has called us to do.

-The Gospel was good news to a world (the Roman’s) that needed to hear it. Gospel had meaning to the Gentiles. The Gospel was the bottom line…Mark 1:1 gets right to the point…ACTION.

-Jesus had the power to immediately do what the Father asked.

-We are in a culture that wants something to happen.

-There are consequences to the presence of God, the presence of His people and the presence of the church…and the world longsĀ to see it.

-Boil down the truth with great clarity using story, illustration and song.

-The bottome line: We must immediately diagnose reality. We need to describe and define an alternate path.


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