Live at Innovate Pt.3

Shawn Wood: “Brand Schizophrenia”

-Shawn is a recovering Baptist…aren’t we all?

-In our churches often times we let the “stuff” become the object of our affection.

-The only reason the “stuff” is even important is because of Jesus.

-In our zest for innovation, is it possible that we have lost site of the importance of Jesus?

-Our only motivation to do what we do should be the fact that we know Jesus can change peoples lives.

-“Brand Schizo” = us not knowing who we are anymore.

-We need to be who God has made us as a church not who everyone else is.

-We begin to manage our brand instead of being who God intended us to be, people will begin to see us as not being authentic.

-In whatever way your supposed to innovate and use technology…make sure it’s who God intended you to be as a church.

-What after taste does your church leave with people?

-Shawn Wood hasn’t drank any water since 1982….what???

-Sometimes we try and “re-brand” what we do as a church instead of reworking what isn’t working on the inside.

-Don’t try to be someone else.

-Don’t chase after excellence for the sake of excellence.


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