Live At Innovate Pt. 5

Tim Stevens: “Pop Goes the Church”

– Most churches in America are not getting the job done.

-The “unchurched” and “dechurched” make up most of communities.

-As churches are on the decline, spiritual interest in America is going up. Just watch TV and you’ll see this is true.

-John 1:14 msg. “Christ became flech and blood and moved into the neighborhood”.

-Today, Jesus would reserve his harshest words for the entrenched religious leaders and hang with the everyday people…just like He did in scripture.

-When people are at a time of crisis or transition who are more tuned in spiritally than normal

-People are looking for spiritual truth, they aren’t including church 

-Churches aren’t making impact

-Churches get in the way of the Gospel

-There is a negative impression of the church in society

-People perceive church as irrelevant

-We aren’t doing very well with the Unchurched and the Dechurched 

-Spiritual interest is going up

-People feel they have a relationship with God without having to be involved in church

-People are talking more about spirituality, but aren’t going to the church for answers

-Church isn’t perceived as safe or relevant 

-The local church needs to enter into the conversation that people are having in their everyday lives

-Jesus was immersed in the culture of the time

-He would hang out with real people

-He would be harshest to people who are immersed in church

-He would leverage the things in our culture to bring people to the truth 

-Paul used the culture to reach the Greeks

Acts 17

He used a song from a pagan songwriter/philosopher to talk about Jesus 

-The philosophers of our time are songwriters and movie makers 

-Use pop culture to package a topic to attract a crowd

Provide a new interpretation of a Pop Culture element 

-Why do this? Life Change!




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