Live At Innovate Pt. 4

Casual Q& A: “Leading Artists” – Butch Whitmire

Had a great time with Butch during this Q&A. This session was my biggese reason for coming back to Innovate.

Here are a few “nuggets” from our hour together:

-Leading Artists to play to their strength doesn’t simply mean you let them do what they’re good at…it also means you should lead them towards that which will strengthen them spiritually.

-Act like an owner not a manager. An owner will stay and get the job done…he is invested as an owner. A manager will simply show up for work.

-People will not change unless they see the value in doing so.

– We each have a “circle of relevance” (that which is specifically relevant to us) – We must purposly expose ourselves to the things outside that circle if we desire to be relevant on a larger scale.

-Butch is the first person ever to use a Chick-Fil-A box, A bag of chips and an empty Diet Pepsi can as effective visuals in a small group setting. 🙂


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