Creativity Unlimited

Here’s what I love most about creativity…it’s unlimited! There’s no right or wrong way to be creative. What works for one creative person may be a disaster for another and vice versa. To me, creativity is one way God shows how boundless and vast He truly is. Think about it. I may be the only person on the planet to dream up a specific visual concept. There may be ten’s of thousand’s of artists working on the same topic, but none of us will come up with the same result.

Look at God’s creation and you’ll see the same thing. A million flowers…each one a bit different than the next…a new and different sunset each day…snowflakes that are each unique in design…facial features, personalities, fingerprints, voices…With God, creativity is unlimited. What amazes me continually is that our creative God chose to instill that creativity in His people. For us, art is so much more than expression…it’s a representation of how God has made us. Unique, limitless and full of ideas.


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