I.Q. vs. E.Q.

I was talking to my neighbor the other night and he made an interesting observation. He said so many people have a great I.Q (intelligence quotient), but lack any assemblance of an E.Q. (emotional quotient). This got me thinking.  Does more intelligence mean less emotion? Do emotional people struggle to think logically? Is there a way to strike a balance between the two?

I started thinking about some examples and remembered the story of the rich young ruler. Here was an intelligent guy. He had followed the law since he was a small child. He had done everything culturally necessary to be considered intelligent and righteous. Yet when confronted with the words of Jesus to sell all he had…he walked away dejected. He responded emotionally. Why? Because all of his intelligence had still sold him short of obtaining the prize. In the end, it seemed illogical for him to do what Jesus had asked…his intelligence became an obstacle.

But there’s a better example. Jesus was the picture of intelligence. He taught on a level that baffled the minds of the educated. He silenced the mouths of the harshest critics. He skillfully molded His disciples into men who could change the world. Yet he was emotional. So emotional in fact that he wept over a friend, had compassion for a prostitute, drove merchants out of the temple and sweat drops of blood in the garden.

If I understand my Bible correctly, I believe we are all made in the image of God. An image that includes the attributes of Gods character. It’s in those attributes we find both intelligence and emotion. As Christ Follower’s, I believe it is essential we posses both of these characteristics. We need to understand God’s Word. We need to discern His will for our lives. We need to honor Him with our actions, our decisions and our thoughts. But, we also need to be passionate worshippers, compassionate friends, providers to those in need, hands to the helpless, shoulders to the weeping and lovers of the lost.

Just like Jesus…we need an I.Q. / E.Q. balance.


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