When Technology Fails Miserably

It was another Sunday morning at Vale. The line up was set, the media was loaded, the band was rehearsed, the singers were warmed up, the click tracks were rolling and the in ear monitors were snug in our ear canals. Song number one (“Majestic” by Lincoln Brewster) went off just like we’d practiced it. Then came song number two (Lincoln Brewster’s new song “Today is the Day”) The click began…click, click, click, click…one, two, three, fo……uh oh!

My greatest fear about using clicks had come true. The in ears died and left the band hanging on for dear life. Fortunately, I haven’t made the switch to in ears for our singers. So, after about 2 measures of playing and singing deaf, I rip my monitors out of my ears, caught the track playing through the wedges and to my relief…we were right on tempo. Our drummer followed my foot, our guitar player ripped his monitors out and followed the drummer, the bass player and keys did the same. No one (including the singers…AND the sound tech) ever noticed the near disaster unfolding in front of them.

I didn’t really know how the song had come off until several people stopped me in the lobby to tell me how much they loved the new tune. Whew…crisis averted!

Plans have changed for tomorrow, instead of editing video, I’ll be fixing gear…


2 Responses

  1. Bro, this is adam cruz from the White Board Conference, Jeff and I sat right behind you. Hey man, I wanted to pick your brain about some rehearsal concepts and see what you have found to be the best solution. Shoot me an email at adam@elementweb.net and I will shoot you my number, I would love to chat. thanks

  2. hehe i told you that you did great 😀 i love the song order and the choices. i had an amazing time praising god today. thanks jim 🙂

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