What’s the best idea you’ve come up with lately? What inspired it? If it was inspired by something or someone, how did you make it your own? Now that it’s your own, what is the purpose of the idea? How will it inspire people? How will it change lives, hearts, actions, reactions? Is your idea meant to do that? Should all ideas be meant to do that? What was the creative process that lead to your idea? Was there a process, or did it just come to you in a flash? How do you know it’s a good idea? If it’s a bad idea, how do you recognize it as such?

In the end…it’s all about the idea isn’t it? It’s all about thought, vision, innovation, creativity and motion coming together in just the right way to create a spark. Now, view that in light of the greatness of God. From that wonderful perspective, the idea takes on an even greater significance doesn’t it? It’s in His hands that our simplistic naive creative moments can be transformed into God breathed, God inspired, God centered…ideas.


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