Taking a Day

Tomorrow I’m taking a day. I’m taking a day to refresh, a day to refocus, a day to rethink, a day to be away from the ministry I love and focus on the Son I love so dearly, a day to think on other things, a day to have fun and a day to commune with my God.

The last few months have been incredibly challenging. In fact, this is the most difficult season I have had in ministry. Not because of any one thing or circumstance, but simply because there’s a lot. There’s a lot going on, a lot to process, a lot to pray through and a lot to this thing called ministry. This week it became obvious to me that I need to break away. I need to love on my kids, escape with my wife, sit and do nothing or run around and do something else…

So tomorrow is the tip of the iceberg. My Daughter is at camp, my Wife will be at work, so me and the boy wonder get to hang…ALL DAY. What’s next? For the first time since I arrived at Vale, I AM GOING TO USE ALL MY VACATION. I scrambled yesterday to knock out our fall series to help clear the way for this to happen. Not because I don’t love what I do, but because I love having right priorities, a right heart, right relationships and a right perspective all the more.

For me, it’s become obvious that I need to make “taking a day” a consistent habit, not an after thought when priorities seem a bit out of whack. The look on my Son’s face when he found out we have a whole day together told me I’m doing the right thing.


One Response

  1. Do it every chance you get…within reason. They never forget…and believe it or not, a day will come when you wont be his priority…..and quite frankly….that sometimes SUCKS. But they remember…

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