When the Artists Are Few

So it’s nearing the end of Summer here at Vale and like pretty much every creative ministry in the country, I have a ton of artists making last ditch efforts to leave town before the weather turns and school begins. Tonight was one of those nights where that impact could really be felt. What would normally be a full band and 4 singers for our midweek service was down to an acoustic guitar, drums, piano and 2 singers.

No big deal, I simply created a line up that suited the team I had…but what amazed me was what happened once we took the stage. The 3 piece band sounded like a 6 piece, the 2 singers sounded like 10 and the congregation was diving in head first in response to God.

Even though I’m blessed to work with a large amount of artists, in the end, the size of the team didn’t matter…it was simply an opportunity for the size of God to be put on display. What a great night!


3 Responses

  1. Amen!

    We had the same thing happen to us two weeks ago – 3 vocalists, 1 pianist, 1 bassist and 1 drummer.

    People commented afterward how full the sound was – they couldn’t believe it!

    It’s times like these when I am reminded of what an awesome & great God we serve!

  2. I’d say I envy you “full-house” bands, but I don’t, lol! I LOVE normally having only a keyboardist/pianist, guitarist, percussionist, and drummer, and a couple of vocalists… we only play with a full band about once a month. HOWEVER, on the flip side of that… on the rare occasion that we find ourselves scrambling for musicians… we’ve been known to only have a keyboardist, drummer, and vocalist (yikes)!!

    But we really do like the “scaled-down” sound, so that’s what we go for on a regular… but who knows? When we “grow up” like Vale, we might switch up and have th “big band” effect, too! 🙂

  3. Hey, Jimmy-O!

    Two questions for ya:

    1) You still heading to Innovate? I hope so… YOU CONVINCED ME TO CHOOSE THAT OVER CATALYST, MAN! 😉

    2) How’d you get that Facebook widget??

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