Top 10 Things I Miss About Washington State

So, after 2 1/2 years of Midwest life, I think I’ve finally adjusted to the flatness of the earth, the humidity in the air and the 3 ft. of drift snow that likes to hug my driveway each winter. But that has me thinking about what I miss most about our old stomping ground…Washington State!

10. Large Bodies of Water. Lake Bloomington ain’t got¬†nothin’ on Puget Sound baby!

9. Big Foot. I know…you don’t think “Sasquatch” exists. That’s only because there’s nothing like him in the Midwest!

8. Downtown Tacoma. Museums, antique shops, great food, the waterfront and the best coffee on the planet.

7. Seahawk Games. We’ve managed to catch the ‘Hawks in St. Louis a couple of times, but nothing beats a game at Qwest Field.

6. Tulley’s. Starbucks bows in total shame next to the best coffee in the Northwest.

5. Real Mountains.They have a few things they call “mountains” in the midwest, but by comparison they’re really just small mounds of earth.

4. Cities With Crazy Names. Around here we have “LeRoy”, “Downs”, “Normal” and “Bloomington”…Washington has “Issaquah”, “Snohomish”, “Mukilteo” and “Skykomish”. Good luck on those pronunciations.

3. The Occasional Earthquake/Volcanic Eruption. We had a quake here a few months back…it was wimpy. Don’t think I’ll be seeing a 30 mile high cloud of ash heading towards me anytime soon either.

2. Big Tall Evergreen Trees. Granted, there are nice trees here in the midwest, but it’s hard to beat a 30 mile drive through the mountain pass that’s completely surrounded by evergreens that seem to touch the sky.

1. The Coast. No ocean here…’nuff said!

Now, to be fair…I will list my top 10 things I DON’T miss…in an upcoming post.


3 Responses

  1. no doubt about the seattle/tacoma area being the best in the world. i’m from new mexico but get to visit my brother up there this coming weekend… can’t wait! tulley’s is good but the caramel latte from dilettante is the best cup of coffee around.

  2. We SO have Bigfoot…in Funks Grove (that’s close enough to Bloomington)!

  3. Have to add to cities, Puyallup, Yakima, Wapato, toppenish, mattawa and the list goes on and on and on!

    I miss the fireworks over commencement bay!

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